Thursday, November 21, 2013

A long walk to Mandela

I have no pictures just words.

Last week. 11 November 2013. I watched a Long Walk To Freedom.
At the LA premiere in Hollywood at the Archlight Theatre

I was fortunate enough to watch one of the greatest film our country has produced. Don't worry this story has no spoilers. Its not about the film its my experience.

Now lets give this story a back story. Well back in 2011 when I was working in production because well I thought it would get me into film. A naive little aspiring actress I was. Tsk Tsk.
I worked in the commercial division in a production company. There was a features department but in all honestly I did not want to work there. Working in commercial I work for a couple of weeks on a job, high impact and then have a couple days off and back on it. A feature film meant months and commitment. I didn't love my job and making a long term commitment like that just for money............... NAH. I told myself and my mom 3 years ago, if I ever would work on a feature it would be a Long Walk to Freedom if the film ever gets made. Back then it was talked about but never in production or anything.

I managed to get job opportunities two years later to work on a long walk to freedom. Anyway so I don't want to go into detail because its too personal and still hurts. But anyway the film holds a very special place in my heart. I managed to get over my incident with A long walk to freedom and moved on to bigger and better things, I got to work on other productions and that pushed me to come to America to fulfill my dream.

Idris Elba 
So if you read my previous you will know that I couldn't work and now that I have graduated I can legally work in December. But now I have time on my hands. So I have been hustling to get some under the table work that pays on the day. My first week done with school, I got two jobs as a promoter working for an event. One was a business expo and the other a screening. The screening was well unorganized, I didn't know much about it other that I was hired. When it got closer to the day I was informed it was the Mandela screening. At first I was like........ no way. Then I did some research but nothing came up. Then I assumed it was a screening for some Mandela movie in light of the Long walk to freedom film coming out and that there would be executive people and producers there. So who that is cool i got dressed up and luckily since I stay in Hollywood now, I could walk to the Arclight Theatre. As I approached I saw a red carpet and my heart skipped a beat. Is this a Premiere????? WTF. The thought alone was too much for me to handle. I went to the bathroom to catch my breathe and then waited for an hour to find out what I was doing on this job. Eventually when the they arrived I ran with the other group of people. Still no one could tell me if this was a premiere or a screening. We walked into the theatre and then it became clear that I was ushering the event. When the lady started mentioning the attendees like, Quincy Jones, Naomi Harris, Idris Elbla....... I got such a fright I dropped my bag on the floor and freaked out. THIS WAS THE LA PREMIERE OF LONG WALK TO FREEDOM and I was about to be apart of it.This news hit me like a ton of bricks, I did not expect a premiere, heck I just finished school I was not ready for this. The leader showed us the seat allocations and I knew where I wanted to stand. I moved a couple steps closer, but some asshole ran out of nowhere and beat me to it. I had asked him if I could please take that spot, he was so rude and said it was already taken. I was crushed. I then went to the top back and stood there. I was still in awe, because I could not believe I was that I was there. I had come all the way from South Africa to be at a premiere screening in motherfucking Hollywood of a film about my country and icon with my favorite actor. Somebody pinch me now.
If this book doesnt mean anything to you.....
All of a sudden I became overwhelmed with emotions, it all became so real. How far I have come. They started playing the intro a bit of the middle and the end of the film as a tester for sound ect. I was the only girl from South Africa working there. That little bit took me by surprise it, it brought back so many memories I just started crying. After my little crying session I picked myself up and did my job. From where I was standing I could see that asshole at my spot, the spot where I would be ushering Idris Elba and Quincy Jones where to sit. I would actually meet them. Anyway......... people started arriving. Yeah as you can guess I missed the whole fan walk and photos outside, but who gave a fuck I was inside. The people that I saw arriving where the likes of oh well....... Lance Gross, Tracey Elliss Ross. Then I got the pleasure of seating and meeting Louis Gossett. Obviously I knew who he was, because I  fell in love with Idris Elba in Tyler Perrys Daddy's Little Girls a little star stuck and a little emotion led to me being a complete fool. I was not myself. I still could not believe I was there. Everyone was seated and then they announced Sir Quincy Jones. I took yet another gasp was this real. He said a couple of words and then introduced Zinzi Mandela. My knees buckled. WOW WOW WOW. I could not believe it. So lucky. The film began. Dont worry no spoilers I promise. I miss home so much, and when the film opened I balled my eyes out and........ well for the next 2h30min I cried my eyes out for the entire film. It wasn't the film alone, it was spectacular dont get me wrong it was me. The film took me down memory lane. It was surreal, I was all over the place. Seeing all those images, the fact that I was suppose to be on that production, that I was actually in America, I was so far away from home it just made me weep. How could I, me little Annocha be so close to something that means so much to me? What did it all mean. Then there was a moment when the president meets FW De Klerk. He opened up the door and it was Gys De Villers a well known South African actor. I balled. Well because I didnt know that he was booked in the film. But I worked on a local production called Jimmy in Pienk (Support local movies and watch it)  Gys and I got along and that time of my life I was so wrapped up in production I didn't know how to get out of it and pursue acting and still survive. Gys to a liking and interest in me asked me and then got it out of me that I wanted to be an actress. He gave me such great advise then, and genuinely believed that I had a talent and a career. I remember going back to my mom and told her that I couldn't believe that he believed in me and he didn't even know. Heck he believed in me more than I in myself. I forgot about that convo we had then and seeing him on the big screen just took me over the edge. I literally cried my entire shift. When I came out I saw Taraji Henson, Alfre Woodard, Angela Bassett I was like 2 feet away from them. And I could not go up to them I had been crying and was just a hot mess. However I saw Terry Pheto, I went up to her. Hott mess. She was sweet and kind.

It was an incredible night, I was in LA, at a premiere getting paid to watch a film that ment the world to me with the actors and being surrounded by African American Actors who I admire. YEAH. Holy shit is this really my life. But you know what was amazing I was surrounded by all these people, and I felt like I belonged. I didnt see them as above me. I saw them as the same, my fellow actors. I felt like this is the world and life I belong in. Not a fan. But one of them. I finally felt like this is my density and God put me here for a reason to see what my life could be. The film  reminded me that I am a proud South African, yes Ive been oppressed, seen the worst of racism in our country, dealt with interrasim and I have over come it like my country.It reminded me that we are warriors, no we are not perfect and have dealt with alot but we have the power. I was liberated. More than ever do I want to use the power I have to make good and represent our beautiful country. We have an iconic leader Nelson Mandela that uses his wisdom, knowledge and humbleness to over come even the toughest situations. Something I'd like to think I posses or try to be like. His spirit is something I would like to have with me no matter where I am in the world. The film is amazing, oscar shit and I urge everyone to see it.

Sometimes I lay awake at night and wonder why God chose me to watch this film with all those people. What does it all mean? Its not a coincidence? I guess time will tell. 


Lance Gross

Louis Gossett
Tracey Ellis Ross

Angela Bassett
Alfre Woodard

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Truth

It has been a while since I blogged, and mostly because I didn't want to share my journey with anyone.......... I am ready now.I have been in Los Angles for just over 8 months and there have been many times I wanted to blog but I could face the moment. I had so many struggles here that I was ashamed to share it with my friends and family. Friend and family who supported me and were excited for me to be here, I didn't want anyone to know that I was struggling.  The thought alone of telling people who cared about me that I wasnt do so well after wanting this for so long, I couldn't face that disappointment. So now I will tell you  the truth about my adventure in America........

To study at New York Film Academy in America has only been a dream of mine since I was 17 and couldnt afford it. This is not only an opportunity f a life time, but a dream come true. I have worked my ass off to get here, and finally taking the ultimate risk to pursue my dream is well priceless. Coming this way has defiantly been a one of the biggest challenges I have faced, yes I know that sounds cliche but it is true.   So I am gona keep it real, I left South Africa in such a rush because I was positive that my life would be better here, is it? Yes and No. I had left my (good) life to pursue my dream, I left in such a hurry that I didn't prepare well enough for what was to come. I sold all my belongings, moved out and sold my car. I had nothing to come back to, I gave it all up for a shot in America. Crazy I know, but damn its a liberating feeling. Selling my car technically gave enough dollars for rent for 2 months and necessities to get me started. I came with one suitcase and 3 pairs of shoes, I figured I would buy some when I get here. Little did I know that I was coming to Hollywood, the movie capital of the world, everything is expensive and my little rand would only serve me for so long. Now stupidly when I arrived I thought I would be able to live like I do back home. So I bought my coffees, my hair products, clothes, food that I knew because not a fuck was I gonna buy American brand shit I didn't know. I spent money left right and center, stupidly like a tourist. Couple of weeks later I was out money the only other income I had was from my mom, who is nurse. To make matter worse, I thought well I do my plan B, get a job. That plan blew up in face when I was informed the 2nd day of school that I was not allowed to work for duration of my study as I was/am on a student visa. Not say that my school schedule allowed it, the acting programme is an intensive course cramming in three 3 hour classes in one day. So lets just say the next couple of months were gona be interesting.........

I got here a week before school started, now looking back that is very little time to make decisions that you are gona have to deal with for 8 months. I decided to stay in a dorm like house 5 miles away from school. Sharing a house with 16 people wasn't exactly what sold me but wasn't what didn't. I thought I would stay here for couple of months (like 2 max) get on feet and move and find a roommate.  The upside I thought would be that I am surrounded by people who could be my friends and help me while I try to figure everything out. That is exactly what happened.......... well in so many words. I moved into a house with 16 people, a month turned into 4 months. Not I know it sounds horrible, the thought of living with 16 people is rough, but it wasn't thaaaaaaat bad. Sharing a room with 3 girls on a dodge ass bunk-bed and a bathroom with 7 was a challenge but thankfully the owner was OCD and made sure the living areas were always clean......... well except for the rooms( sigh). I saw this as a learning experience as I had become very set in my ways and selfish living alone for most of years back home. Luckily my roommates were lovely girls, and everyone was friendly. The challenge here was that I had to adapt to a new way of life, the American way, and honestly this transition made me very insecure. I had to now look at the way I do things, now something I have done in a while. What made this strange for me was that I had no idea I would feel like this. I thought I would be like hey world I'm here to kick ass, instead my ass was being kicked. Yet here I was still trying to live my life the only way I knew how, by being Annocha in South Africa, not Annocha in America.  Now it was advised to me before I came, that a car is essential in LA and boy oh boy is that true. I had a very fortunate life back home, I had a car since I was 18, which not everyone can say. I never took a taxi, bus or train in my entire life. I never had to, yet 24 years later here I am and I have to take public transport. Do not misunderstand me, the transport system here is way safer than back home and reliable to a degree however, it is still a public form of transport. I had to rely on the bus to go anywhere at anytime of the day and night. Though the problem with LA is that it is a huge city the bus lines end at early times and depending on where you live most routes run on the hour. Iv'e heard its not like New York, not all the bus routes run every 5-10 min. Depending on which route I take I could wait for hours and arrive at my destination hours later if I don't plan the day before. This made times for me rather difficult, I often ended up in the wrong neighborhood at godly hours, and times felt so alone and lost that I would just sit and pray. There had been times where I had been stranded and didnt have money and my phone died, not that I had so many people to call because I brought my pride with me too. I was often too ashamed to ask people for a ride as I didn't want people to know I was struggling. To keep it real with ya'll I was too proud I didn't want to owe people. It was these times that I felt alone. I couldn't tell anyone because I saw these struggles as part of a journey. Since I had spent all my money I had to live off the little money my mom sent me weekly which just covered my basis for the week. Luxuries like going out, having drinks, buying shoes, or anything else was not a priority getting to school and back was. There were times I had to buy things I would break my budget which would have to come out of something and I ended up walking to school. School is about 5miles there and back 45min walk. Walking in the heat was probably the worst, yes I am from South Africa and I should be used to this weather but no, I am not used to humidity and heat waves and walking 5 miles. This was tough for me and often by the time I got to school I was drooling in sweat and often too tired to perform. Even though this was tough and I pulled my ass out of bed every morning 2-3 hours before class to ensure I would make it on time. Sure I had days were I was hungry and had no food. The one that kept me going, I asked myself: "Why am I doing this?" Then I would answer: "Annocha you are pursing your dreams, you are in America you are doing it, so what if it is hard, nobody said was gonna be easy. So be strong and go forth." It was these words that kept me going for a while. This went on for a while, and I didn't want to tell everyone what a tough time I was having and that not everything is what I thought it would be and I was not living the glam LA life. I knew that I could get though all of this and not only come out standing but be a better person. So I kept this all to myself and stopped blogging, stopped being on Facebook and updating about my fab life in LA. See this is the biggest issue I have here, this city is suppose to be so fabulous and well yes most of it is, if you are Kim Kardashian. But if you are like me and everyone else in this city you trying to survive, and just like the movies there is nothing glamorous about it but the finished product. We don't talk about how the movie was made, how many hours you had to retake 1 shot in the cold, during overtime or how you were so tired because you worked a 22hour day yesterday. No, you talk about all the good things of the film, which usually is the end product. So I kept to myself, laid low. What got me going too was usual skype calls with a select view of my friends back home or overseas. Either way, they kept me grounded and I am blessed to have them in my life and on my journey. I can try and summarize the last couple of months below.

My Experience at New York Film academy:

I guess I will never forget my first day at school. I was late because I took the bus and had no idea where I was going. I got to class, everyone had an accent. HA. Man that was funny, being taught my American instructors was a trip. The things that they said I had to expect was way more exciting hearing it than when I read about it online. I was excited but most importantly extremely nervous and scared. Being who I am I wanted to be perfect, I wanted to come in and live up to the expectations of this prestigious school. I was now in Hollywood amongst good actors and good instructors I had my work cut out for me right? One of the first assignments was a monologue, lucky I was prepared for this as I wanted to be good. Sooo this is when it hit me, I watched my fellow classmates perform and I was NOT blown away. Unfortunately this was the reality of the programme. The people who were studying with me had little or no experience. Most people who come to LA come because they watch a movie and think this school is a ticket to fame. This school is exactly that a money pit for hopeful dreams. BUT after realizing this I still took this school for what it is....... an opportunity for me bettering myself as an actress. The first semester was a bit of a bore for me, due to my experience and knowledge of acting at U.C.T, the introduction classes were just a snooze. . As for the majority of my classmates it was all new and exciting. Looking back now I kinda wish I could have my money back. I personally think the school should look into prospective students resumes and locate them accordingly. With that said being here and doing this course was a blessing and I took in everything as a new learning experience even if it it was old for me, being in LA is new for me. During my first couple of weeks at school I had received lost of positive feedback from my peers and instructors. This was nice, and well new for me. I loved acting. I never considered myself a great actress, I just loved acting and being good at it is a personal achievement. So hearing it from people who dont know me was overwhelming. I have been humbled by it ever since, and also motivated me to doing good work even if the circumstances aren't. School not being as cool as I thought it would be and me adjusting to it all was all a bit much for me to take in. The truth was, I wasn't feeling LA at this particular time. Either LA was not living up to its expectations or I wasn't living up to LA expectations either way I was all over the show.

It was the second semester that things started shaping up. at school Started learning the Meisner techniques, Tai Chi, Stage combat, Advanced Scene Study(LOL well so I would like to think) I mean these are these that you dont get taught at every institution and in the short amount of time and is pretty exciting. The only problem I had with school is that I felt like I was not being challenged by my classmates. Majority of the students are newbies and all of this is new and exciting but the heart of acting to me is old. The sad part is that with most of my scene partners I felt like I had to teach them. This is where the school disappointed me. BUT it was okay I challenged myself, and often worked with people that I could not stand but I had to push through that frustration and see it as another learning lesson. School was finally looking good, though I could not live with 16 people anymore. That reality needed a change, I managed to get a room. One of my classmates had a spare room in the place she was staying. It wasn't the best living situation really, it was super far and took me two buses to get anywhere and I had to sleep on a small blow up bed. Not ideal for many other reasons but my roommate gave me a ride to school which helped out alot and ment that I didnt have to walk to to school or stress about how I was getting to school everyday. I finally had a room to myself, which is blessing. Though I was still financially bound to my tight ass budget I couldn't really go out all the time, I went out every now and then. I have been blessed with a really good friend who has showed me the sides to Hollywood I have never  would have seen, I am blessed to have her and her kindness in my life.
Now dont get me wrong I have had good times too, it hasn't all been bad just a interesting. When I first arrived and had a couple of contacts and good people (that to this day I feel like I owe them so much for their kindness). They helped me and showed me some cool spots of LA and the LA life. I mean when I did go out I got to go to some pretty tight places, got to to Beachers Madhouse, Disney Land, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Hollywood Boulevard, Nightclubs, Six Flags Universal Studios and the list goes on. I must say this has been one hell of an experience.

My personal journey:
My main struggle over here has not only been a financial one, but a personal one. I had left home so abruptly, I didnt realize what I had left behind and what I was bringing here. I wanted this for so long I just up and left home so quickly the culture shock of being here was overwhelming. The funny thing is back home we watch so much American TV and films, we are consumed by its culture. Well at least I was, we have these preconceived ideas about Americans that looking at it now is pretty hilarious. And lets not forget their preconceived ideas about us (Safari). Now some of them are true but yeah
I wanted to fit in when I got here, I felt so out of my comfort zone I just wanted to fit in into the industry so that I can at least have a shot in this town. This was probably the worst decision I ever made. There was a stage when I was so overwhelmed by the fascination of being in Hollywood, I became shy. I didnt want to be seen or heard by people because I didnt know who I was anymore. So many people responded to me because I had an accent, which was cool in the beginning but became a bit much in the end. What made it really strange for me, for the first time in my life people found me interesting JUST because I had an accent, Whoooa. Back home I would open my mouth and nobody would give me a second look. Out here I just introduce myself and people are interested to know about me. Imma keep it real here, honestly I wasnt ready for all that. Heck I didnt know all that just yet, I just got here trying to figure it all out. These personal complexes with myself often led to me missing out on life. Stupid I know. Being insecure is stupid as fuck. But hey this is what I felt like in moments when I was suppose to be happy and living the LA life, I was struggling to just be me. Fucked up I know but its the truth .

Anyway enough about my sad life. I am doing better now. My tax money pulled though in October and gave me enough cash to buy some wheels. So I now own a car. FUCK YEAH. I temporarily live in Hollywood with two amazing roommates.  Since I am on a student visa, I am not allowed to work for the duration of my study, although once I completed the course I am allowed to stay here for year with a OPT (Optical Practical Training) like a work permit in my field of study. This is where you will find me right now. I am waiting on my OPT so that I can officially start working (Legally) in this country. I have now graduated from school, though school was not perfect and not what I expected at all. I have learnt to be a better actress, I have an even greater love for acting than I ever did before. That right there is a blessing.  Right now I am hustling to get work while my OPT comes though in December. I have been working on my visual profiles online to help me going, but to be honest I am scared. I know this industry is tough and well I experienced some parts of it back home. Out here Im playing with the big cats, and boy there are many of them. I am trying to believe in myself and all the positive feedback I have been getting from my peers and family. Being an actor is being vulnerable to the world, letting the world see your fears, your happiness, your strengths, your Life. My deepest fear right now is exposing myself to the world, that I am scared and vulnerable. BUT I have taken a giant leap when I set foot on that plane and right now I need to believe that I can make this crazy dream come true. I no longer want to be afraid or let my fear determine my choices. I want to take on the world,  most importantly I want to make my family and friends and everyone who has supported me PROUD. Having my dreams come true is not a selfish act, its one I want share with everyone and make them believers like me. Writing this blog was tough, posting it even tougher but if it makes people understand me better, inspire people to be more then it is worth it. So now I will go and  put myself out there, something I have been intentionally avoiding to to do for the last couple of weeks ( I told myself I wasn't ready aka good enough, self sabotage I know) and see how this industry takes me. Am I really ready? I dont know, and right now I don't care, I want this. I have worked to long and hard and I guess I am ready.......... To make my family, friends and country proud. I hope to pave the way for many more who dream big.


If you took the time out to to read this, I thank you.

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Here are some photos of my time in LA.
I love Cake - 4th of July

Self Service Drinking Fountains....... WTF!!

IN AND OUT Burger...... with out the burger. Veggie Life

FOYO - my life. MENCHIES

Roomate made frech toast with whipp cream...... eish

Curly Fries.

First time I  had American Pie. THE best 3 berry PIE. Babarba Bragg is heaven sent. 
Chocolate chip with Reeses...... LORD

What can I say////

My life in a BAG

Riding the bull at Saddle Ranch on Sunset Strip


I cant drink in America, stupid silly straws and strong ass drinks. GROSS

Staples Center........ I didnt go in.
Movie house - Butter popcorn. $15 EISH

Food Truck. These are the shit



I got to be at the table read
YA neh even America

Another day in class shoot

Fucking Colgate almost R60 

The best ride in life at Universa
Dance Studio


Downtown LA View

Dodgers Baseball

Beer pong + Red Cups+ Halloween = American Culture

I hop

My whip

Monday, June 17, 2013

Who determines my success..........

1. The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of ones goals.
2. The attainment of wealth, position, honors or the like.

Hmmmm well would you look at that. To be an actress has always been a dream of mine, ever since I did drama back in high school where I was blown away by being in character. I was amazed by great performers dominilty on stage. I guess I found stage actors more relatable than film actors(which was usually be American Actors). I am a lover of live music, theatre ect. So being an actor on stage and encapsulating audiences right infront of me into a world the same way I have been is all I want to do. However in South Africa the focus on theatre acting is respected as most theatre performaces are deeply rooted in our cultural history,  theatre was/is used as an educational tool to help move forward a country overcoming apartheid. However the only way to make money or have a life by being an actor in SA is difficult and since the world/industry is moving towards Film and TV as the educational and entertaining medium, theater is struggling to maintain a audience to help sustain an actors livelihood. To be a theatre actor you have to do it for the love of it, because the money is not enough to sustain a living. Yet that is the beauty of acting, and being a true artist/actor, you make those sacrifices because you love to act, you love to perform, money and fame becomes bonuses not goals or a necessity. And I could be wrong but out here I feel like you can still live a decent life here as a working actress in theater. Even working  as an extra you could live a fairly decent life considering that you work often enough.

I found it pretty interesting that everywhere I go, everyone is telling me who determines my success, a producer, the casting director, the agent.  But in all honestly, I determine my own success. What I mean by this is that I know that there are tricks and trades to getting into the industry and making it, but in all honestly, once you are able to show your work that is all that matters. There are sooo many acting schools in LA, and they all about training. Well I guess if Stanislavsky was still alive he would be proud because he sure has a huge following. I am all for the system but out here actors live by it as if it is a mathematical equation to success. The beauty of being an artist is the freedom of being able to just be. However out here, anyone that decides that they want to be an actor can go through some training and boom is an actor. The problem we end up having is a bunch of confused people who don’t know what they want from life, giving a bad name to the art of acting. The techniques make them feel like being an actor is achievable. Perhaps I am being harsh here, but I am old school in believing that actors are people who have natural talent for acting and that acting is their passion. 

What I'm trying to say is, things aren’t going to be handed to you (and this is a general note in life). There is no easy way in or out, you have to go out and put the work in, to get the work out. Then agents, producers and who ever else will look up and listen to you and will give you an opportunity. Its that simple. The problem now is the level of fakeness you end up showing to the industry folks, because everyone gives you advice and tells you who to impress the 'important' people……. What ends up happening is that everyone becomes so fake with everyone else. Its TOO much.There is this constant pressure of having to impress people here in Hollywood, impressing a director, impressing a producer, impressing a casting director, impressing who ever else. I feel that having to impress all these people is unnecessary, if you are true to yourself and your capabilities, then you don’t need to worry about impressing people that could potentially give you a job. Adding that kind of pressure of impressing people takes away from who you are, and people want to see that. People can pick up on that. See I understand the value of all the filmmakers and those apart of the process in selection, but I do not believe that they are the only people to determine my success. The beauty of Hollywood is that as much as you work on your craft and go to auditions, one day you could be walking on down the street and be 'discovered', and I mean casted in some director/producers next movie. Just like that. That’s how crazy life is here, and yes I suppose it can happen anywhere in the world, but the opportunities out here are far larger. The thing is when you are approached randomly like is because people can see you in your natural and true state and that's what they want in their movies. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Hollywood Stank

So Ive been out here for a minute, and I know I haven’t blogged in while but this is something I wanted to blog for a while. So here it goes,

After 3 weeks of being in LA and everyday explaining my story of being from South Africa and leaving my life behind to pursue my acting career. Now I thought that my story wouldn’t be that interesting as EVERYONE out here is trying to be an actor, like everyone. There aint nothing special about being an actor out here. Somehow people still find it fascinating that I want to be an actor. I think because of they secretly want to be actress too with the constant hype of movies in LA I guess everyone wants there 15 sec of fame. And they envy those who are in it. I'll be real with ya'll at first I loved talking to about myself when I got here, it was great. People are interested in me, where im from and what my experience is like being in America. Then it got really tiring and boring repeating myself over and over and tt got to the point where I was like……. Wait, why does everybody care? And when I told people that im an aspiring actress. Note emphasis on ASPIRING actress, meaning I aspire to be one therefore I am not one yet. People hear actress…… and they start trippin. “Oh what have I seen you in?” “Have you been on anything?”  Well, nah Im an aspiring actress motherfucker, ASPIRING as in I am trying to make it as one

There is this stank in the air, this stank of everyone hustling, everyone trying to make it, trying to impress people, trying to sound more interesting. LA being the movie capital of the world, it ON everyday, and everyone everyday is ON that buzz. This stank in the air, annoys me as everyone is out here wanting FAME. As it is LA is film machine, producers films and everyone is apart of it. However, there are many people out here who live a normal life. But because of the constant film buzz in the air I feel like even the ordinary people who  live an average life, are somehow craving the life of an actress. Like they would jump at an opportunity to be famous and be an actor.

Funny thing is out here, the one piece of advice people warn me about is surprisingly not crime( coz oh no that’s a problem in Africa), crime is out here as in every other country in the world but out here its not that bad, like back home. What I keep getting warned about is people fronting that they producers, directors, actors. People out here will front that they all up in Hollywood when they actually just a hustler like the rest of us. It’s the saddest thing, folks are so desperate to be discovered by some big shot director/producer that they will spend all their time pretending to be someone they not just so that they can get there 15 sec of fame. But mostly for validation. Luckily I live by “REAL RECOGNIZE REAL”. And that’s how I spot the fake mofos out there. The problem is the desperation out here, everyone wants to make it BIG, whether they are filmmakers or actors, everyone one wants to make it. With todays generation of young folks, we all wana make it big and fast. They are sooo blind-sighted by pure desperation for fame that they don’t think about what is important for their career, they will take any opportunity at fame. This is what I find is so strange; people want the fame and money so bad that they are willing to give up their dignity, their pride, their lifestyle. This is the crazy thing that people out here are willing to give up so much for a life that they think will be happier. But what I've learnt is that happiness comes from within and it doesn’t matter what glamorous picture the media or the Kardashians paint life is soo much more.

Back home we would watch the E True Hollywood Story and see how the stars of today became stars, we see their struggle but most importantly we see how they got discovered. The industry is so real out here that people come out here and live their E True Hollywood Story, taking chances in hopes to be discovered. 
I never came here for the fame, I came her for the opportunities. Yes of course if I get fame, that’s great but its not what I desire, its not why I talk to people, or make friends or find people interesting.
I have become more private as I feel that people dig to find something interesting about me.
Everyone wants to know my business, it got to me. I don’t know why, and all of a sudden I have become more private, I don’t like people all up in my business. I am not about this life, this life of hustling to make it. I just want be a successful actress.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Universal Studios - Western Backlot - NYFA

The cool thing about studying at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles is that every now again as part of our projects we get to shoot at Universal Studios backlot.
Our first project was to shoot on the western backlot with the 1 year filmmaking students.
It was a first of many for many. So it was nothing major, 30 sec scenes that were made up on the spot and we were the actors. We could wear some costume but it was not compulsory  For me personally the only cool thing was being at Universal studios AND...... being an actor for once! Finally I got to do nothing but wait til they call for TALENT and perform. Being on the otherside for the last couple of years was painful but now I could be me, people looked at me as an actress! It was the best feeling ever, I am exactly where I wana be. The other cool thing about NYFA is that its an international school! I got to work with 3.... (cute) brazilians. Just too much fun I tell ya!
I thank God everyday for showering me with his blessings, as this whole experience still feels like a dream.


"I like the way you die boi"